World Cup 2022: Brazil disrespects Mexico and the United States, ‘going on holiday’

United States and Mexico fans are outraged for the blatant disrespect that is taking place in Brazilian television. A local sports television channel by the name of ge-Sportv has a prediction game in which they have four different tiers. At the very top, they place the national teams they believe are considered favorites to win the World Cup in Qatar.

In the second tier, the teams that are considered title contenders. The third tier goes to the teams that might be a surprise and offer a memorable performance. For the last tier, this channel has all the teams that are going to the World Cup “on a holiday”. This is where Mexicans and Americans are feeling disrespected.

Naturally, Brazil will eternally consider themselves favorites but the reality is that they haven’t truly made a massive difference in recent years. In fact, they haven’t won the World Cup since 2002 and haven’t even made it to the final. Back in 2014, they were painfully humilliated by Germany with that historic 1-7 that will haunt them for life.

But for this prediction board, they obviously share the top with Germany, Argentina and France. In the second tier, they placed Croatia, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, England and Spain. The third tier is where both Mexico and the United States should be considered, according to all the offended fans.

Which teams are considered above Mexico and the United States?

According to this channel, Ecuador, Wales, Poland, Denmark, Serbia, Switzerland, Senegal and Uruguay are considered above Mexico and the United States. At the very bottom next to the two Concacaf giants, there is also Canada, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, South Korea, Tunisia, Qatar, Australia, Ghana, Japan, Morocco and Cameroon.

Our question is, why are people so offended by this? Neither Mexico nor the United States have proved over the years they are worthy of getting considered as favorites. Their recent results and mediocrity earned them this disrespect from Brazil and other countries as well. This is a perfect opportunity to prove everybody wrong.


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