Will Daniel Jones’ new deal push Kirk Cousins out with Vikings?

Rumors about what New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones could do in the next decade should have Minnesota Vikings fans worried about Kirk Cousins.

When it comes to what New York Giants’ Daniel Jones can make on the open market, you’d better believe Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​loves that sound.

Jones is entering his fifth season outside of Duke. While he’s coming off a strong fourth season with the G-Men, he’s hitting free agency. This is because despite being a former #6 overall pick, he was not given a fifth-year pick. Although Jones thrived on Brian Dabul’s offense last season, his first three years in the league were mostly failures. He could get $40 million, and he wants more.

If Jones can make $40 million a year, that could be huge for Cousins’ bank account.

Cousins ​​may be older than Jones, but he’s the best quarterback and top-10 player in the league today.

Kirk Cousins ​​must love what the open market can do for Daniel Jones

This is absolutely amazing for so many reasons. Jones may have a great level of athleticism on the Cousins, but the Vikings quarterback is the more accurate passer. Although neither can completely conquer their surroundings, the Cousins ​​have won in Washington (hint: this might be your way to $45 million, Daniel!) and have been a stable presence in Minnesota for years. Of course, his team just lost to Jones in the NFL playoffs…

Are Cousins ​​Worth More Than Jones? Sure, but keep in mind that the Vikings still need to pay the wages of their best player, Justin Jefferson, who is now entering his fourth year at LSU. Even if Minnesota can strike gold by drafting Jefferson as an immediate replacement for Stephon Diggs, there’s no way the Vikings will be able to recreate that kind of magic soon. There is no way man…

Generally, it’s about who would be willing to pay Cousins ​​a premium to be a quarterback. Admittedly, he’s in a great place for him. It remains to be seen if he can do better than Minnesota and vice versa. Truth be told, some desperate quarterbacks would pay Cousins ​​that kind of money, but keep in mind the franchise is almost in worse shape than the Vikings.

Seeing that the cousins ​​already had good salaries, he might have to take a discount in his hometown.

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