Tom Brady puts an end to comeback rumors in the purr-fect way

Tom Brady is done. Like, actually. Rumors of his return to the NFL were quashed after Brady personally responded to the speculation on Twitter.

One month after Tom Brady announced his retirement on Twitter, rumors began circulating about him not retiring and being relegated to Miami. Brady and the Miami Dolphins have been linked since last season with most of the speculation dispelled after his second retirement. Even Brady who filed his retirement papers last month couldn’t convince the NFL’s Hounds to stay, and the possibility of Brady wearing the AFC is starting to seem real again.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter had to learn his lesson about breaking news about Tom Brady the hard way. This time, it was Dov Kleiman and Rich Eisen who felt Brady’s wrath from the upset.

On Tuesday, the former New England Patriots quarterback responded to one of Kleiman’s tweets about the Dolphin rumors and shut it down:

Compared to his other less PG publications, Brady shuts the door on a potential comeback in a very meaningful way.

Tom Brady, who has reformed as a family man, shuts the door on comeback rumours

Of course, Brady fans and those who want to see him play to his death on the field will point out that Brady said he didn’t have “time” to get back into the NFL, not that he didn’t want to.

Nitpicking semantics is no way to respect a retired man’s wishes, and other than very vague speculation by talk, there’s absolutely no indication that Brady will return in 2023. The NFL community keeps testing Brady and keeps getting the same answer, so maybe just… . Stop? Stop coaxing your goat out of retirement and let him spend some time with his family in peace.

Brady has an analyst job at FOX in 2024 and has insisted he plans to stay retired, a sentiment he hasn’t held back in the slightest in the past month. And just a reminder: It’s only been a month, folks.

Perhaps if in the middle of the 2023 season the San Francisco 49ers suddenly got sick, the rumors of Brady’s return would make more sense.

Right now, it looks as though Brady is trying to change his image from “the grumpy, plank-throwing divorcee” to the “cat-adopting family man.” He’s already won everything there is to win in football and has spent decades entertaining fans on television, so let him do his own thing.

Some NFL players’ careers never get a desiccating end, but Tom Brady puts a surefire period on his story in 2023.

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