Tom Brady domino effect: What Dolphins signing would mean for Patriots, Chiefs, and Tua

Tom Brady, did he retire a second time? While it seems far-fetched, some with NFL insiders believe it is possible. Here’s what will affect it.

Are we… are we really doing this whole thing again? On Monday, Tom Brady was rumored to have changed his mind after announcing that his retirement could happen again this season.

This rumor came up with a few details, too: If he returns, Brady is tipped toward the Miami Dolphins.

For Miami, that would be great. It would make their losing first-round pick worth it, because Miami lost that pick in part because it was found to have manipulated both Brady and coach Sean Payton.

This would dramatically change not just the offseason, but the entire power dynamic within the NFL. Even though he looked like a shell of himself in what we thought was his final season with the Pirates, he’s still Tom Brady. There are goats somewhere out there, right?

But let’s look specifically at what that might mean for three entities: the New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, and TOA Tagovailoa.

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