Tom Brady congratulates Patriots legend after well-earned retirement

The New England Patriots bid farewell to another key member of their dynasty after Devin McCourty announced his retirement from the NFL.

The days of the New England Dynasty are long gone, and on Friday, the Patriots bid farewell to another legend with Devin McCourty announcing his retirement.

It’s hard to imagine McCourty ever achieving the heights he has. Despite being a first-round pick and playing well at linebacker, McCourty was eventually moved to free safety in 2013 and has remained there ever since.

The Patriots defense has never been the same. It got better than before. McCourty’s career has boosted as New England has made four trips to the Super Bowl since 2013 and won three. McCourty has played in five Super Bowls, which is unprecedented.

Many of McCourty’s former teammates took to social media to congratulate him on his success, including his brother Jason, with whom Devin won a Super Bowl after the 2018 season, and a well-known quarterback.

Devin McCourty has announced his retirement from the NFL after 13 years at Patriots Blue.

Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick also expressed their gratitude for McCourty after his decorated career, showing that even a tough coach and ruthless owner has a place in their hearts for the players who gave the organization their everything and helped them achieve unprecedented success.

However, if there was any moment that truly defined McCourty, it would have to be the moment he and his twin brother ran onto the field for Super Bowl LIII and walked off together as champions, fulfilling a lifelong dream and cementing the notion that “Two McCourty’s are better than one.” The game breeds family, and McCourty was the embodiment of that.

Ultimately, Devin McCourty will be destined for the Hall of Fame. His resume is done, and it’s very likely that Jason will give it a go. What a storybook career for Rutgers Scarlet Knight who became a Patriot for life. Congratulations, Devin, and good luck with your retirement and future endeavors.

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