Stefon Diggs cannot wrap his head around Bills struggles

Billing wide receiver Stefon Diggs can’t wrap his head around the team’s struggles to reach their full potential.

Stefon Diggs, wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills, has posted some rather cryptic tweets, leaving many to wonder about his future in Buffalo. During his appearance on The Shop, Diggs said nothing about leaving his current team; However, he spoke of the Bills’ inability to achieve their full potential.

“Makes no sense. I’m going to put my mind to it with that a**t at this point. I think it’s execution more than anything. S**t are little bits of why it’s not going right. We have the players. We have the plays. Why don’t they get together Together? This is where some of these questions draw in. I never want to be asked who I am, and I never want to be asked how I am. I give this my all. I’m dying on the hill for it.”

While what Stefon Diggs has said has been said by many, that the Bills have the right players, there is something missing from their team that could make all the difference.

The Bills made it to the AFC Championship in 2020, where they were defeated by the Kansas City Chiefs, and have since lost in the divisional rounds in 2021 and 2022. Another season of Super Bowl contenders, so expectations are high for fans and the team.

Looking at Stefon Diggs and the Bills’ for the 2022 season

The 2022 season wasn’t all bad; They finished with a 13-3 record and clinched the AFC East League for the third consecutive season. However, struggles off the field may have affected them. From the horrific collapse of Hamlin’s destruction on the field to the blizzards that took them away from home, Buffalo had to deal with struggles that other teams did not, and ultimately they could, and likely will, have an impact on the mental state of players and coaches.

Diggs, one of the best receivers in the league, had a top-five receiving season. He finished with 108 receptions (4th overall), 1,429 yards (5th), and 11 touchdowns (tied for 3rd). Bills quarterback, Josh Allen, had another phenomenal season, recording 4,283 yards (7), 35 touchdowns (tied 2), 14 interceptions (tied -30), and a QBR of 71.4 (2). Buffalo also had the third highest points per game with 27.7, but lower than 2021, averaging 29.8 points per game.

Buffalo’s defense allowed 319.4 yards to an opponent per game (7th), up from 289.2 in 2021. The defense also allowed 19.1 points per game (4th), up slightly from 18.3 in 2021.

While the Bills are far from a team at the bottom of the league, they have shown a slight decline from previous years, possibly due to players, coaching staff, or both. Defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier’s recent exit indicates that needed change is already happening within the organization.

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