Saudi Arabia vs Mexico live online updates: score & stats | Qatar World Cup 2022

Permutations time!

A word people only ever use when it’s time to wrap up the Group Stages of a tournament, here are the permutations of Group C in the simplest way possible. Simply done because otherwise it hurts my head. 

Saudi Arabia   :

WIN: they go through. Simples. 

LOSE: game over. 

DRAW: they go through, but only if Argentina lose or Poland lose by 4 goals. A draw in both games means Saudi Arabia go out.​​​​​​​


Mexico   :

WIN: If Poland win along with Mexico, El Tri are through. A Poland loss or draw means things go to goal difference, which is complicado, a swing of 3 either way. Basically, win.

LOSS: Hasta luego

​​​​​​​DRAW: Hasta luego

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