Sauce Gardner hints at ‘done deal’ as Aaron Rodgers rumors swirl

During a Twitch broadcast on Thursday, New York Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner said that if Aaron Rodgers were acquired, it would be a “package deal.”

The New York Jets are the talk of the NFL right now, as they are looking to acquire Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The Jets have been linked with Rodgers throughout the offseason, with reports indicating the team will go all out in their pursuit of him. This week, the Jets received permission to speak to Rodgers, his California department, and according to a report Thursday, they are confident they can pull off a deal.

During a broadcast on Twitch Thursday night, Jets cornerback and Defensive Rookie of the Year Sauce Gardner said that if Rodgers joins them, “the package deals are over,” while dropping the hint that “I can’t tell you all, but just know.”

Gardner was joined on broadcasts by Offensive Rookie of the Year Garrett Wilson and returned to Breece Hall.

Seuss Gardner said on his docket (with Garrett Wilson and Bryce Hall by his side) that if Aaron Rodgers came to the #Jets, “it’s a complete deal-breaker. I can’t tell you all, but I just know.”

— Zack Rosenblatt (@ZackBlatt) March 9, 2023

Sauce Gardner hints at ‘package deals everywhere’ if Aaron Rodgers joins Jets

This is the way to catch the attention of Jets fans. What do you mean by package deals? Who will join the jets? Who will leave the planes? Rodgers’ decision can’t come close enough for Gang Green fans.

When he learned that a group of members of the Jets organization were flying to California to meet with Rodgers, a variety of players sent their pitches to the four-time NFL MVP on Twitter, Gardner being one of them.

Rodgers has been contemplating whether he wants to return to the Packers, play on a new team, or retire since the end of the 2022 season. There was more clarity after the Packers gave the Jets permission to talk to Rodgers. But, no deal can be done until Rodgers gives the proverbial nod.

Jets fans will wait as patiently as they can to see if the team will be able to bring home the Super Bowl-winning quarterback in Rodgers.

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