Sauce Gardner, Breece Hall make hilarious Jets recruiting pitches to Aaron Rodgers

Can Aaron Rodgers be traded to the Jets? Seuss Gardner and Bryce Hall certainly hope so, as he will immediately make New York a playoff team.

The Jets were out for one game last season, and had Zach Wilson and Mike White running the quarterback position. Safe to say, they should expect better next year, one way or another.

Jets executives flew to meet Rodgers on Woody Johnson’s private jet (yes, seriously) in hopes of convincing the future Hall of-Fame player that they would be his best option. This will not be an easy sell, as Rodgers appears content to retire and/or return to Green Bay, if they let him.

However, Rodgers still has a few years left on his lucrative contract. If he wanted that money, he’d have to play. Why not try New York for size?

Jets players Sauce Gardner and Breece Hall make Aaron Rodgers draft courts

You have to give the planes some credit, they pull out all the stops. private plane? Jets players tweet about it? It’s incredibly clear who New York would prefer to be their quarterback next season, and this guy isn’t on the list.

The team’s star cornerback, Seuss Gardner, offered Rodgers a no-hold in practice to hurt his confidence. This is what Gardner can offer – minus the real money from his bullish contract.

It’s almost as if Bryce Hall already knows Rodgers. The two would be instant friends, upon his plea for help.

Hall and Gardner look like two Pro Bowl-caliber players in desperate need of a quarterback, and winning streak, for that matter. This is not something that planes have seen consistently over the course of a decade. The last time New York made it and made the postseason, Mark Sanchez was the QB. It’s not entirely inspiring.

A win with Rodgers could go a long way for the Jets and their young core. It’s a win, assuming Rodgers agrees.

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