Raiders rumors: Aaron Rodgers-Davante Adams reunion was on the table

During an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Aaron Rodgers hinted that a reunion with a certain wide receiver was of interest at one point. Were the Raiders in 12th?

Aaron Rodgers has said he plans to play for the New York Jets next season, assuming they can work with the Green Bay Packers. Rodgers’ interview lasted just over an hour, and was comprehensive, as he discussed his departure from Green Bay, his going dark and his future with the Jets.

It was a surprise for a player who wasn’t afraid of the crowd’s gaze. Rodgers called out several reporters by name—including Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport—for their misinformation.

While the Jets won in the end, they weren’t the only team interested in Rodgers at one point. The Raiders, in what could have been a reunion with Davante Adams, could have pulled the trigger.

NFL Rumor: Aaron Rodgers Could Have Been Traded To The Raiders

Aaron Rodgers didn’t want to name any names, but he made it brutally clear. Pat McAfee plugged the loopholes for Rodgers, who didn’t want a penalty for tampering.

Instead of a trade for Rodgers, the Raiders opted to fill the quarterback void with Jimmy Garoppolo, who was a free agent with history with head coach Josh McDaniels from his time in New England. Garoppolo is a running back from Rodgers, that’s for sure, but he can run games well and win the postseason.

Adams himself was traded to Vegas in part for a Derek Carr reunion, as they had played together in college at Fresno State. With Carr in the bayou, playing Rodgers again was an easy transition.

Adams and Garoppolo will get along just fine, as long as Davante gets his touch. The Raiders can still be a playoff team if everything comes together. Should they fail to reach that target, looking back on a failed deal for Rodgers will be even more difficult for the fans to deal with.

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