Qatar will donate prefab World Cup hotels to earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria

Following the devastating earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria, leaving thousands dead and thousands more affected, efforts to help those countries have been non-stop and have now reached the world of sport, which has come together to support those affected.

The aid campaign reached the organisation of the recent Qatar 2022 World Cup, which created a support plan in which they will send the villas and cabins which were used to house the hundreds of fans who attended the World Cup.

10,000 mobile homes used for World Cup accommodation are being shipped to Turkey and Syria to house displaced families as part of the relief effort after last week’s devastating earthquake, Qatari sources have confirmed to ESPN 👏❤️

— ESPN FC (@ESPNFC) February 15, 2023

10,000 homes to be sent to Turkey and Syria

It should be noted that these temporary homes were used for all those attending the World Cup in Qatar 2022 who could not find hotel accommodation, for this reason, in collaboration with FIFA, these villas were placed with some services to meet the needs of those attending the World Cup.

According to reports from the AP Agency and ESPN, there will be approximately 10,000 mobile homes that will be sent to Turkey and Syria to support the affected families, therefore, it is expected that at least 1.4 million families who lost their homes will benefit.

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One of a batch of mobile home cabins that Qatar have allocated to be transferred to Turkey as part of relief efforts.QATAR FUND FOR DEVELOPMENT (QFFDvia REUTERS

Aid to Middle Eastern countries will continue

Of the 10,000 mobile homes that will be gradually shipped to Turkey and Syria, a first shipment of approximately 350 homes is estimated to have left last weekend, the Qatar Development Fund confirmed.

Furthermore, as part of this aid plan announced by the organisers of the World Cup in Qatar, it was announced that the United Arab Emirates is expected to send an amount close to 100 million dollars of aid to Turkey and Syria.

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