PSG’s Al Khelaïfi rubs his hands for Messi vs Mbappé

Messi and Mbappé, two of Nasser bin Ghanim Al-Khelaïfi’s toys that don’t need a first name to be known around the world, will meet on Sunday in the dream final for Qatar. A final that exalts the Paris Saint-Germain project, at least that of its stars, two of them, the ones that the president of the French team has cared for and pampered so much over recent years. Al Khelaïfi has been key to them coexisting in Paris, something that had seemed impossible. First he took Messi out of Barcelona and into the Parque de los Príncipes. Then he manage to convince Mbappé to stay when he was threatening to join Real Madrid. Both seemed unlikely at the time.

Satisfying Mbappé

It seems Al Khelaïfi will have a divided heart. The gestures of appreciation towards his two players have been proportional. The most recent one came with Mbappé, whom he managed to renew when he was closer to leaving. The Parisian president did everything in his power to make it so. He offered him a million-dollar contract and gave him a tailor-made project.

He had to turn to Antero Henrique and Luis Campos to achieve what Leonardo had not been able to. He put Galtier in as coach and held open the exit door for Pochettino. Measures of all kinds with which to chase away Madrid’s claim. Finally, in a decision that was not appreciated at the Bernabéu, he convinced Kylian to renew until 2025.

An outlet for Messi

With Messi the situation was just as intense. When it became known that Barcelona would not be able to retain him because they did not meet LaLiga’s financial requirements, they offered him the chance to continue his career in Paris and fight for more Ballons d’Or. And he did win one again, yes, as a Parisian player, but not because of what he did with PSG but rather because of his Copa América title with Argentina.

The club’s relationship with Messi ends in the summer but they are already working on an extension. A draft contract has been prepared. Al Khelaïfi’s intention is clear. He wants Leo to stay. It will be the player who decides, though, and once the World Cup is over, and when we see what PSG is capable of in the Champions League.

In any case, the final between Argentina and France, between Messi and Mbappé, is the dream final for Al Khelaïfi and Qatar. Two PSG players are legendary, one with a past and present and the other with a present and future. The biggest claim possible for a country that has had a hard time due to non-football criticism and that will capture the world’s attention with a wonderful duel of superstars. The perfect climax to a tournament that will have a PSG-linked champion: either Messi for the first time or Mbappé for the second.

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