Packers rumors: Green Bay’s price tag for Aaron Rodgers just went up

Derek Carr may be out of the market soon, making Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers one of the most coveted quarterback targets in 2023.

In the wake of the boat-shaking news of Derek Carr, the Green Bay Packers franchise is probably feeling pretty good about themselves.

Free agent Derek Carr rejected the New York Jets’ lead in the offseason last season and chose to offer his paper to the New Orleans Saints instead. In Gates’ view, rejection never feels good. From the Packers’ perspective, the front office is anxiously wringing their hands knowing Rodgers just went up in price.

Carr and the Saints could finalize an agreement by the end of the day, leaving Aaron Rodgers as the hottest name in the midfield assuming Rodgers wants a deal.

After Rodgers’ controversial retreat into the dark, the veteran quarterback has yet to make up his mind about his future in the NFL. Rodgers presumably doesn’t want to pull Brett Favre out and plans to move forward with whatever he decides to do, be it staying with the Packers, retiring, or asking Green Bay for a trade.

Packers: Aaron Rodger shares soared after rumors of Derek Carr’s deal with the Saints

Rodgers suffered a touchdown in 2022, missed the playoffs and threw double-digit interceptions for the third time in his career. Rodgers may have a few good seasons left, and he most likely doesn’t want to end his career on that note.

His most likely destination, if he asks for the trade, is New York, a franchise that has been crippled from playing pitiful quarterback in 2022 and for the past decade, really. The big dogs of the New York media will meet their match in Rodgers, who will instantly make the Jets a playoff contender next season and inherit one of the youngest and most talented rosters in the league.

Given the latest reports that the Packers are fed up with Rodgers’ antics and the unwanted financial constraints of Rodgers’ contract, it may be in Green Bay’s best interest to walk away from him and get a bunch of draft picks in return.

Any Rodgers trade would likely require a first-round pick just to get a foot in the door, and any suitors would also need to carry his projected $16 million cap in 2023.

Other than the Jets, the Panthers, Raiders, Titans, and Bucs stand out as teams in need of quarterbacks that could be open to a huge trade.

Karr made up his mind. Now is the time for Rodgers to do his thing.

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