NFL Trade Grades: Cowboys steal Brandin Cooks from Texans

The Cowboys traded wide receiver Brandin Cooks to the Houston Texans for two draft picks. NFL trade scores for both teams in the deal.

For weeks there had been rumblings that the Dallas Cowboys were cooking up something big. Even after the Stephon Gilmour deal, that seemed to be the feeling among insiders about what was going to happen. As it turns out, they were cooking up something, as fate would have it, Branden Cox.

On Sunday morning, the Cowboys traded for wide receiver Brandin Cooks with the Houston Texans, NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport reported.

The Cowboys, who have been connected to several big-name wide receivers this season, including DeAndre Hopkins and Odell Beckham Jr., got a touchdown. On their leg. So let’s now break down both teams’ NFL trading scores on this trade after we look at the entire stock market.

Brandin Cooks trade details: Cowboys get WR from Texas for 2 days 3 picks

Here is a look at the full details of the trade:

Get a cowboy

WR Brandin cooks

Texas Get

2023 fifth-round pick

2024 sixth round pick

In addition to acquiring the receiver while sending draft picks to Houston, the Texans are also paying $6 million of the $18 million guaranteed to the chefs for the 2023 season, KPRC 2 Houston’s Aaron Wilson reports. That’s a big deal considering the cap restrictions placed on Dallas at certain times, specifically the one that led to them trading Amari Cooper last off-season.

NFL Trade Scores: Branden Chefs gives the Cowboys the WR they need

Particularly with Michael Gallup struggling upon his return from his 2021 AFL injury, the Cowboys lacked something on their wide receiver team last season. It’s no coincidence that, aside from losing the playoff, the Dallas offense looked so intimidating after they added TY Hilton late in the year after chasing Odell Beckham Jr. Simply put, Team America needed a field stretcher.

The chef is all part of it. While it’s been a wonderfully modest productive career for Chef, the times he’s been either on high-powered offense or paired with good-to-great quarterbacks has seen him as a big deep threat who can take the top spot. from opposing defences.

Now he’ll work with Prescott, who’s seen success with deep passes in his career, but more importantly he’ll have CeeDee Lamb who demands attention in the middle and midfield while the healthy Gallup can attack against him and across the field as well.

To give up only third-day picks over the next two drafts — of which Dallas has plenty — and not take on the entire chef’s salary either, it’s a big win for the Cowboys.

Cowboy Trade Degree: a

NFL trade scores: Texans get a loose change for Branden Chefs

It seemed as if the commercial steam around Brandin Cooks from earlier in the offseason had died down after hiring DeMeco Ryans. In fact, there was some word that the wide receiver was reconsidering his longtime trade request and would be given a chance under new leadership. This is clearly not true.

Given that this was not true, it is really hard to see where Texas had any leverage in these trade negotiations. They had an expensive receiver who was disgruntled, no roster consequences until the draft, a roster generally not ready to compete, and a left tackle in Laremy Tunsil who needed to get paid. Trading chefs has always been what they need to do, so getting too much value is never going to help.

Honestly, I considered giving Houston a B- for this, but with the news that they were paying a third of his salary, I had to let him go for a bit.

Texas Trade Degree: c +

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