NFL rumors: Tua Tagovailoa’s seat is getting warmer

Tua Tagovailoa looks safe as the Dolphins starting quarterback for the time being, but his start is getting warmer.

Tua Tagovailoa is the Miami Dolphins’ starter in 2023. Despite a turbulent 2022, when he was healthy, Tagovailoa has proven he can be one of the strongest quarterbacks in the league.

Unfortunately, multiple concussions in 2022, including a very scary one that led to a visit to a hospital in Cincinnati, prevented him from seeing the field as much as he would have liked. Tua missed four regular season games and the team’s wild card game against the Buffalo Bills due to a concussion.

Tagovailoa is making unorthodox choices to avoid going forward with a “vulnerable” rating. Among these is learning judoka to maintain better balance and fall in ways that keep him out of harm’s way whenever possible.

While the Dolphins said they are committed to him for now, his seat is getting a little warmer as the draft approaches according to recent NFL rumors.

The Dolphins are keeping their QB options open according to NFL rumors

According to CBS Sports’ Josena Anderson, the Dolphins will “explore all options at quarterback,” a strategy spurred heavily by the decision to keep Tagovailoa out for the fifth year on his contract. The team must decide on that option for 2024 by May 1, and it carries a cap of $23.2 million.

I’m told several people within the #Dolphins organization have been told that the team will be exploring all options in the middle, per league source – that with the decision still on a long-term deal and a fifth-year option in Tua Tagovailoa.

– JosinaAnderson (@JosinaAnderson) March 3, 2023

Anderson reports that for now, this is just due diligence on the dolphins’ end. Its report did not go into detail about whether the Phins were looking for free agents or potential quarterbacks in the draft. One might assume at this point that they are taking a scouting look at all tracks.

In the draft, the Dolphins didn’t have a first-round pick, so it’s unlikely they’ll be able to get a rookie-ready QB this year. Free agency or commercial market might be another story.

Remember, Lamar Jackson grew up in the Miami area. Perhaps this could reopen those speculations.

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