NFL rumors: Surprise QB could blow up the NFL Draft as No. 1 overall pick

The latest NFL rumor is that Anthony Richardson of Florida has climbed to the top of the draft board.

There are NFL rumors, and then there is talk of Anthony Richardson being the first pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Absolute con, I tell you. But did you know? I’m kind of disappointed with that. Richardson has the highest cap of any quarterback in the draft, but he has very poor potential. Oh, it definitely makes the top ten now, especially after going Freakazoid! In the NFL combine, but is he going first? silly! Then again, people hear things about him in the wake of the NFL combine.

Apparently, NFL Network’s Rich Eisen says he’s heard rumors of the former Florida quarterback being top overall.

“Rumor I’ve heard not to rule out Anthony Richardson as the first overall pick.”

Dov Kleiman of The Bible for Bro echoed similar sentiments for Richardson being some difference in the appearances of Josh Allen, Justin Fields, and Cam Newton. These are three incredible companies, but only Fields felt fail-proof leaving his Power Five foundation. Then again, he finished 11th, Allen seventh, and Newton went first, so what do we really know anyway? Oh, I wish Al Davis was alive for this…

If someone replaces Richardson with the #1 overall pick, hell freezes over and we’re dead!

NFL rumours: Florida QB Anthony Richardson may be first pick in 2023 NFL Draft

look. I think the growing consensus of Richardson inside the top ten is absolutely correct. You can tear up the resolution issues and not start out in college, but you can’t deny what a physical sample is. He’s without a doubt the biggest boom-or-bust quarterback slated to go in the first round, even more so than Kentucky’s Will Levis. So someone will use top 10 picks on it.

The thing that seems confusing is that Richardson will get ahead of Bryce Young of Alabama or CJ Stroud of Ohio State, the two players who feel most confident in the process. If Young fell past the Indianapolis Colts on fourth down, something went wrong. The same principle applies to Stroud with the ninth-ranked Carolina Panthers pick. What about invaders???

I think this is the team that should watch out for sheer shenanigans coming out. Richardson was Al Davis’ final choice, but even with his son Mark now running the show, there’s a lot to like here. Mark Davis, for better or worse, gives his coaches a lot more leeway than his late father. He can even see the huge upside Richardson has at his disposal in the quarterback.

Factor in Josh McDaniels needing to find a quarterback or he’ll be his forever coordinator in a few years, watch for the Silver and Lions to trade for him. Let’s not look beyond the Detroit Lions’ sixth-place pick for the Los Angeles Rams’ worst attempt at a repeat of the Super Bowl we’ve ever seen. Jared Goff is more than okay, but Richardson can be an annoying Lions chariot, man.

Ultimately, I think if you could get three in a deal with the Arizona Cardinals, Richardson would be there. At this point, only Young and maybe Stroud feel they deserve to go first to the Bears at the quarterback position. Not to say we’ll see four quarterbacks heading out in a row to start the draft, but Indianapolis certainly takes one no less than the fourth. This is about to get wild, man.

Richardson is never more than 10th and teams may need to enter the top five to land him.

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