NFL rumors: Saints next move after Derek Carr, Aaron Rodgers roadblock, Derrick Henry buzz

QB Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders. NFL rumors (Photo by Jellyn Morse/Getty Images)

Derek Carr signed with the New Orleans Saints, which opened a Pandora’s Box of NFL rumors as the commercial and free agency market began to heat up.

For Derek Carr, signing with the Saints made more sense.

He was clearly the New York Jets’ second choice – and while he may have enjoyed his time in their team’s facility and at dinner with the front office – it was only a wining and dining session. The same thing happened with the New Orleans Saints, who Carr eventually picked up, and they’ve been with him from the start.

The Saints would trade in Carr if necessary. He is a capable quarterback and professional bowler in his good years. With the right corps and weapons around him, Carr can lead New Orleans to the postseason.

And in this division it is clearly possible.

NFL rumours: What will the Saints do next?

His next moves in New Orleans should be to brief Carr on the options. Alvin Kamara and Chris Olaf are off to a good start, but the former may be out of action before the start of next season. More needs to be done.

A good start would be to bring back veteran wide receiver Michael Thomas, who has been injured a lot in the past few years but will at least provide Carr with a reliable presence at third outside. While some around the Saints believe Thomas might retire, he may instead be interested in returning or even restructuring his contract in favor of the organization he’s spent his entire career with.

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