NFL rumors: Packers can make ultimate sacrifice to be done with Aaron Rodgers drama

The Green Bay Packers are done with the Aaron Rodgers drama, and just want to move on. Let the era of love for Jordan begin.

The Brett Favre cycle is repeating itself.

Soon, Aaron Rodgers will be a New York Jet, and possibly a Minnesota Viking one year later if the prophecy is to be believed. She is destined to be.

Even if that wasn’t the case, the Packers seemed to be done with Rodgers’ indecision. Rodgers has debated retiring the last two seasons so far, and has yet to reach a consensus in 2023. Shortly after the season ended, Rodgers’ comment made it look like it was over, and he wanted an early retirement.

now? Not much, since Rodgers has had meetings with the Jets and he’s making up his mind any minute now (hopefully).

The Packers can make the ultimate sacrifice to give away Aaron Rodgers

According to NFL insider Mike Garafolo, Green Bay wants to be done with the Aaron Rodgers drama. The longer this goes on, the more distracted the Packers front office is from improving their roster around Jordan Love.

Garafolo went so far as to say they would receive less compensation at this point in the process.

Any “fair deal” is good enough for Green Bay. In similar fashion to Brett Favre over a decade ago, Rodgers has surpassed his reception. It’s time to make up your mind. ESPN’s latest update regarding the meeting pins the decision squarely on Rodgers:

The Jets’ growing optimism came after their meeting this week with the Green Bay Packers’ quarterback. A group of Jets officials, including owner Woody Johnson, general manager Joe Douglas, coach Robert Salih, and offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, flew to California on Tuesday to meet. In person with Rodgers, sources previously told ESPN’s Dan Graziano.

Jets owner Woody Johnson came out of his conversation with Rodgers, encouraging him to have both sides work through the issue. The only thing we’ve been waiting for is… Rodgers himself. And the man takes his time.

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