NFL rumors: Packers are desperate to get rid of Aaron Rodgers

The Packers are waiting for Aaron Rodgers to make a decision about his future, but rumor has it they don’t really want him to say he’s going back to Green Bay.

Aaron Rodgers has a decision to make with three technically available options: 1) Retire. 2) Request a deal. 3) Back to play for the Packers.

Green Bay continues to make it clear with the rumor mill about which of these choices they don’t want him to make.

Rich Eisen of the NFL Combine is back with a list of the top rumors he heard while in Indianapolis, saying he’s heard one thing over and over again: “The Packers sure hope Aaron Rodgers doesn’t want to come back.”

“They certainly hope that when he comes up with his decision it’s ‘I would like to retire’ or ‘I would like to be traded somewhere else.’” They don’t want his response to be, “Let’s do it again,” Eisen said on his show Monday.

The return of Aaron Rodgers to Green Bay will upend the Packers’ plans

Eisen speculated that Green Bay did not want to be the one to officially end the relationship with Rodgers, a future Hall of Famer and Super Bowl winner.

It also helps that the Packers are in a position to win something back for Rodgers. Derek Carr has just signed with the Saints, giving teams interested in trading Rodgers even less of an option.

This isn’t the first time reports have suggested that the Packers are ready to move on from Rodgers. It looks like they put all their eggs in the basket of love for Jordan. If Rodgers couldn’t see it himself, he might really have lost his sight during the receding darkness.

At this point, Rodgers’ decision to continue his football career at Green Bay would be the biggest shock of all. It is clear that he is not welcome there. It will be a wrench in the Packers’ plans considering Love has an upcoming fifth year option. If he doesn’t play, prove somehow that he can perform at a basic level, then making a decision about his future will be much more difficult.

Of course, if Rodgers wants to stick with the Packers, that’s one way to do it.

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