NFL rumors: Latest surprise Lamar Jackson destination makes more sense than you think

Lamar Jackson is signed to the non-exclusive franchise label by the Baltimore Ravens. Could a surprising team like the Patriots make Jackson an offer he couldn’t refuse?

And the Ravens would prefer the NFL’s rival front offices to market Lamar Jackson rather than the player himself. Jackson does not have much representation outside of his family, which puts him at a disadvantage compared to other players when it comes to leverage.

Currently, he has none. Five NFL teams have come forward publicly to indicate that they do not want to sign him. It’s very simple, but there’s a chance these teams will wait until after the NFL Draft, rather than strike a standard contract with Jackson and concede first-round picks to the Ravens.

Can the Patriots make sense for Lamar Jackson?

Jason LaCanfora spoke with rival executives and some NFL agents who picked out some potential suitors for Lamar.

After discussing the Lamar Jackson situation with various executives, general managers, and agents, the same teams kept popping up as those who should/would ever sign him to file a paper and could do so practically:

New York

— Jason LaCanfora (@JasonLaCanfora) March 8, 2023

While some did drop back, the New England Patriots stayed. There is no evidence that Bates is now facing Jackson. There is also little evidence that they are somewhat unconcerned, if leaves fall in a certain way.

New England’s current quarterback predicament is a difficult one. Mack Jones was a former first-round pick, but looked smug last season with Matt Patricia leading the offense. The smart play is to give Jones a chance with Bill O’Brien as The O.C., but what if Bill Belichick chooses to be more daring? He won’t be a head coach forever, after all.

Belichick is 70 years old. Robert Kraft is 81 years old. They won’t be in the profession forever, and they haven’t won a Super Bowl since Tom Brady’s passing. It’s time to swing.

The Patriots lack guns on the outside, but they do possess a deep backstory. It’s a very similar situation to crows. Jackson could step in immediately and be the focal point of New England’s offense, both by air and on the ground. The Patriots offense filled with running backs and tight ends to power up the running game and give Jackson some big goals from the outside.

You have to admit, this makes sense. Now, can the Patriots wrap their heads around the dollar number?

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