NFL rumors: Lamar Jackson’s Ravens fate is nearly certain

We’re minutes from midnight on Lamar Jackson’s decision on the Baltimore Ravens.

One way or another, Lamar Jackson will be paid off, but whether that’s by the Baltimore Ravens or by someone else entirely remains to be seen.

NFL Free Agency will be here in just over a week. While Jackson is the biggest name of any player potentially going to market, he is a prime candidate to be featured. Negotiations have been very difficult for the self-proclaimed quarterback and Baltimore player, so here we are… The longer this drags on, the less likely it is that Jackson will return to Baltimore long-term.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler mentioned that Baltimore could use the non-exclusive franchise tag on him.

Many people around the league believed that the Baltimore Ravens had strongly considered using the non-exclusive franchise tag on quarterback Lamar Jackson, which would greatly deepen the conspiracy about his future. While the Ravens didn’t make an official decision until the deadline Many league executives now believe that the non-exclusive tag—which allows teams to offer Jackson a contract that Baltimore can match or reject in exchange for two first-round picks—makes more sense for Baltimore.”

A non-exclusive franchise tag could open up a big trade for a team like the Atlanta Falcons.

NFL rumour: Baltimore Ravens may use non-exclusive tag on Lamar Jackson

Considering the non-exclusive mark comes to around $32 million, only seven teams currently have enough salary room to play ball with Jackson. The Atlanta connection is clear. The Falcons have the second largest cap area, with approximately $66.7 million. While The Dirty Birds seem to be having a good thing with Desmond Reader, Jackson may be worth giving up a couple of rounds in the first round.

Of course, Atlanta will have to forgo the No. 8 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, as well as next year, but Baltimore will be in a great position to draft their replacement inside the top 10. How much the Ravens appreciate Jackson backup Tyler Huntley, plus how much the Atlanta front office believes in Ryder’s potential to be a man. There is intrigue …

Let the record prove I’ve been a Team Ridder since the better part of last season. Marcus Mariota was too reckless for my taste. Although the Ridder got better with each start, the Michael Vick era happened during my formative years. It wasn’t fancy, but I’d be lying to you if I didn’t think Jackson could provide the Falcons with some much-needed juice.

Personally, I’d meet Ridder for at least one more season and build the best team around him, but I’m not against parting ways with first-round picks if Jackson really wants to play in Atlanta. He fit in well with Arthur Smith’s offense and would be a fan favorite the moment he arrived at Flowery Branch. For me, it has always been about asset allocation, not the player themselves.

Another team that could be in play is the Las Vegas Raiders. They’re leaving Derek Carr. Although head coach Josh McDaniels likes what Jarrett Stidham can do under center, the Raiders are more inclined to recruit a college star like Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud, Ohio State’s Will Levis, or Florida’s Anthony Richardson, better. 7 players, instead of giving up an arm and a. Stalk Jackson Services.

In general, a Baltimore that uses the non-exclusive franchise tag could go either way. The Ravens can keep him for another year, but they don’t have to pay more than $45 million to keep Jackson exclusive, thus creating more room to sign more good players to put around him. However, non-exclusiveness could be the final nail in the coffin for hopefully Jackson is a crow for life.

In the end, the crows have to discern it. The question is whether it will be of the exclusive or non-exclusive type. The former would indicate that there is still hope for a long-term extension between the Ravens and Jackson, while the latter would indicate that Baltimore is willing to let him walk and become another franchise face, as long as they can make up a pair of first-round picks.

This would be the defining step of Eric D’Costa’s career so far, for good, bad, or downright ugly.

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