NFL rumors: Lamar Jackson has 2 surprise teams sniffing around

Lamar Jackson’s market remains a mystery, but two surprising teams are said to be considered in the mix around the league.

Days after Mar Jackson was officially allowed to talk NFL teams and potentially sign an offer sheet on the Baltimore Ravens’ non-exclusive franchise label, there has been shockingly little movement on the former MVP. Sure, ideas have been floated about where he could go with teams like the Law-fitting Colts, but nothing concrete has happened yet.

Something has to budge sooner rather than later, especially considering the fact that Jackson has yet to sign a franchise tender, which means he’s not technically even under contract with the Ravens for the 2023 season either.

We might have some answers, though, especially with two surprising new teams seemingly in the quarterback mix.

During an appearance on SportsCenter, ESPN NFL’s Jeremy Fowler pointed out that two teams people around the league think the Minnesota Vikings and Tennessee Titans play Lamar Jackson given their positions.

NFL rumours: Lamar Jackson to play Vikings, Titans

In the case of the Vikings, that’s what executives’ opinions Fowler had on Minnesota’s potential interest in Jackson, via Bleacher Report.

“Even a wild card like Minnesota,” Fowler said, discussing potential bouts. “Kirk Cousins ​​has one year left on his contract if they want to restore their identity there.”

As for the Titans, that’s what Fowler had on them.

“They mentioned Tennessee, which just gave up some cap space,” Fowler said. “They have a new GM, Ran Karthon, who’s working on the roster. They could use a quarterback. They’ve had experience with that in the past.”

While many people have been wondering about Lamar Jackson’s remaining options given the Jets’ pursuit of Aaron Rodgers, the Panthers, the Texans, and possibly the Colts looking forward to the draft, then the Raiders are content to spend time with Jimmy Garoppolo, maybe that’s it. It makes sense to look at teams like the Vikings and Titans who are undergoing major roster changes and are looking to move on from the veteran quarterback.

For the Vikings, they’ve made it clear that Kirk Cousins ​​is in the kind of shape that proves he won’t get another extension like he has in recent years. Seen as the casual bar for acceptable but cap-stopping quarterback play, there may be intrigue to go after a 26-year-old former MVP who could spark a talent-packed offense featuring Justin Jefferson, TJ Hawkinson, and Dalvin Cook (for now, at least).

With the Titans, it’s hard to know what this team is up to. Carthon has been instrumental in holding on to the remaining stones on the roster from the old regime, with Taylor Lewand, Robert Woods, Bud Dupree, many others and possibly even Kevin Byard all cut. Ryan Tannehill is now in his mid-30s, and Malik Willis looked woefully unprepared to be the starting quarterback and offense likely to struggle. Perhaps it was the pairing of Lamar Jackson and Derrick Henry that would spur the perceived rebuild.

It remains to be seen if Jackson ends up in the Vikings or the Titans. But given the lack of news on the quarterback market, it’s impossible to dismiss them as the first to make a move that would force action on the part of the Ravens and quarterback.

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