NFL Rumors: Justin Fields can now run for his life a little less

The Chicago Bears have spent good money in free agency so far, and should have relieved Justin Fields of one particular signing.

When the Chicago Bears announced the signings of linebackers Tremaine Edmonds (WOW) and TJ Edwards, many wondered what they would do for Justin Fields.

Now, that question has been answered as Chicago has chosen to add a bad guy to its offensive line in the form of Tennessee Titans guard Nate Davis on a three-year deal.

Source: The #Bears secure their offensive line, and former #Titans G Nate Davis signs a 3-year deal. Big priority.

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) March 13, 2023

Talk about upgrading. No, he’s not a flashy offensive lineman like Mike McGlinchey or Ben Powers, but he’s been a consistent force since he was recruited from Charlotte and became a Day One Starter.

Not only is Davis a good run blocker, Derrick Henry asks, but his pass blocking is also strong. No doubt, the fields must be happy. Not only does he have a new weapon in DJ Moore, but he has some help up front with protection.

Nate David helps make life a little smoother for Justin Fields and the Bears offense

Before we get really crazy, let’s get one thing straight. Nate Davis does not guarantee the Bears will win the Super Bowl. At the same time, it adds stability to the offensive line and reinforces that the Bears will be desperately looking for ditch players in the draft.

Chicago chose to sign Edmonds and Edwards, which means the quarterbacks are set, and at some point, you can expect the team to add another cornerback this season and possibly another safeties if they want more depth on the field.

But the game is won in the trenches, and Chicago, from an outsider’s perspective, will likely be looking to recruit, develop and ultimately push its trench players, for the most part. This is the right thing to do if they really stick to this plan. Right now, they have a building block for their line, which is a pretty smart move.

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