NFL Rumors: Jets waiting on Aaron Rodgers, Chiefs plans at WR, Allen Robinson landing spots

Allen Robinson, Los Angeles Rams (Photo by Harry Ho/Getty Images)

NFL rumors are running wild after a crazy day and we have updates on Aaron Rodgers, the Jets, the Chief in WR and where Allen Robinson could land.

The NFL’s franchise tag deadline day turned out to be wild as expected. The Baltimore Ravens have put the unexclusive tag on Lamar Jackson, which could pave the way for the quarterback to find a new home where he can negotiate with new teams (although it won’t be the Falcons as many expected). Elsewhere, Daniel Jones got the bag and Saquon Barkley got the tag with the Giants. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget Aaron Rodgers’ trade to the Jets is starting to come out.

With that said, you know NFL rumors are starting to circulate, whether it’s with Jackson and where he could end up, what the word is on the Rodgers deal, or a number of other things.

So what’s the buzz about the league that you might have missed amid the NFL’s biggest rumors? We’ve got you covered with some of the important ones that you need to keep an eye on.

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NFL rumours: Allen Robinson touchdown zones after allowing WR to seek trade

In the aftermath of the Rams’ Super Bowl win, they made the decision to attempt a promotion at wide receiver in exchange for Cooper Cobb, and replaced Robert Woods with Allen Robinson. Among the many issues in Los Angeles last season, this move turned out to be disastrous. Robinson had one of the worst seasons of his career and is now apparently on his way out of Los Angeles.

NFL insider Tom Bellicero reported this week that Robinson has been given permission to seek a trade, and that the Rams would even be willing to eat some of his $15.25 million salary in order to make a deal.

The #Rams have given WR Allen Robinson agents permission to seek a trade, and Los Angeles is willing to pay a portion of Robinson’s guaranteed $15.25 million salary to facilitate a deal, per sources.

Robinson is still only 29 years old. A famous veteran is likely to leave LA

— Tom Pelissero (@TomPelissero) March 6, 2023

Robinson’s market may be a lot cooler than it was this time last year after his poor production with the Rams. Having said that, the 29-year-old may simply need a change of scenery and a place where he can be first choice on offense, or at least a prime option on a career offense, which Los Angeles has often not been. 2022 season.

So what teams can follow Robinson into the commercial market?

the Green Bay Packers It would make a lot of sense since they would likely move into the era of Jordan’s love and look for options that could complement Christian Watson and Romeo Dobbs. Robinson will. Meanwhile, the New York Giants They desperately need this post, as well New England Patriots. diff like Carolina Panthers And Baltimore Crows They are mentioned as landing sites as well.

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