NFL rumors: Jets remain diligent in acquiring Aaron Rodgers’ friends

The New York Jets remain committed to signing friend Aaron Rodgers and free agent Odell Beckham Jr. this offseason.

Another New Yorker may have put itself out of the running for Odell Beckham Jr. , but the New York Jets are still very much in the running.

With the Jets and Packers closing in on the Aaron Rodgers trade, rumors continue to swirl about the perfect landing spot for one of Rodgers’ good buddies, OBJ.

Beckham has been on the free agent market since he was released by the Los Angeles Rams last season, and his stock has skyrocketed recently thanks to Rodgers name-dropping him as one of the wide receivers he would love to play with in 2023.

The entire Rodgers Wish List rumor has been properly debunked – Rodgers said earlier this week on The Pat McAfee Show that the idea of ​​a Most Wanted Players Wish List was “ridiculous”. However, he did drop some great compliments about Beckham, who remains one of the best free agents in this offseason and could make a decision about his future soon.

According to various reports, Beckham’s asking price is around $20 million a year, definitely on the steep side given that he suffered an ACL injury.

All things considered, the Jets are still in touch with Beckham according to ESPN’s Diana Rossini (who also happens to be the same person who leaked Rodgers’ proposed wish list):

NFL rumour: New York Jets remain interested in Odell Beckham Jr. to pair with Aaron Rodgers

Other players on the alleged list include Alain Lazard, who has already finalized deals with the Gates, Randall Cobb and Mercedes Lewis.

After Rodgers announced his intention to play for the Jets in 2023, New York no longer had to try so hard to lure him away from the Green Bay Packers. The most pressing issue is how much capital the Jets would have to give up to Green Bay to acquire the Rodgers, and right now, every franchise has the same amount of leverage.

With Rodgers already wrapping up for 2023, signing a veteran threat like OBJ would be the cherry on top. His high asking price may be too much for the Giants to stomach, but if the Jets are serious about this season being an “all-in-all” year, Beckham’s catch will make their offense one of the best in the league.

Beckham’s final destinations may have narrowed down to the Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, and a few other extremists, though no one can predict exactly where he will land in 2023.

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