NFL rumors: Jerry Jones wants to do ‘something special’, Mike White open to Jets return

Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers. (Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

NFL rumors are swirling with Jerry Jones onto something, Mike White is open to a New York Jets comeback and Mike Tomlin is the apple of the eye of every NFL prospect.

With free agency fast approaching and NFL scouts merging in Indianapolis this weekend, you can safely say NFL rumors are circulating, well.

Once teams gather enough relevant information on the set, they can have a solid understanding of what they want to do in NFL free agency. The 2023 NFL Draft is over, but free agency will be in a frenzy by the middle of the month. Barring trades and internal development, those are the two most obvious paths for any NFL franchise to improve in the off-season.

Here are some of the NFL’s most intriguing rumors heading into the first weekend of March 2023.

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Page 1: Mike Tomlin has impressed as an NFL cornerback prospect. Page 2: Mike White is open for a return to the New York Jets…or a hated division contender?

NFL Rumors: Mike Tomlin impressed with the compact and interesting upper back

It’s pretty clear that every defenseman present in the NFL wants to play Mike Tomlin. The Pittsburgh Steelers head coach is the top player coach, who specializes in coaching cornerbacks and safeties. One such player the Steelers were deeply interested in after meeting Tomlin in Indianapolis was Oregon Ducks star cornerback Christian Gonzalez.

Mike Tomlin is the winner of the combine. Superstar CB Christian Gonzalez is another player to say his favorite coach to talk to is the #Steelers boss. He called Tomlin “the real” and a “caller” — and said he called his dad to say he was cooler than they thought.

— Aditi Kinkhabwala (@AKinkhabwala) March 2, 2023

For Gonzalez to call his dad and say Tomlin was cooler than he could have imagined, I hoped the pair could work together for years to come. Unfortunately, the Steelers will have to trade Gonzalez in draft. It stands out as the first cornerback to come off the board. Pittsburgh needs to get into the top 10, maybe before the Atlanta Falcons pick an eighth just to be safe.

The Steelers know how to craft great players on both sides of the ball. Since they rarely pick the top half of the draft, they have to rely on the scouting department diligently finding players who are right for them in their teens and twenties. Not to say the Steelers need to trade a defensive back like Gonzalez, but you can understand why the two have such a strong relationship.

If Pittsburgh rallies from No. 17, the Steelers could be in a position to land the best angle.

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