NFL rumors: Jerry Jones’ ‘big move’, Daniel Jones’ greed and nothing Gould can stay

Ruby Gould, San Francisco 49ers. (Photo by Jeff Butari/Getty Images)

Rumors of the NFL heading into free agency are circulating with Jerry Jones possibly tipping his hand on his “big move,” Daniel Jones about to tag himself and Robbie Gould on the move.

There are NFL rumors, and then there’s Keeping Up with the Neighbors…

Jerry Jones is up to something, as usual. Daniel Jones loves his money more than Levon, and no, I don’t think Alvin Tostig ever had a son like that. And apparently, the San Francisco 49ers have waited a long time to find someone to kick field goals for them. Nothing gold can stay, even if your name is Ruby Gold. So let’s see what the NFL gets up to this weekend.

Ha! The latest and most amazing installment of NFL rumors to honor God’s Green Earth on Sunday.

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Page 1: Nothing (Ruby) Gold can stay in town by the bay.Page 2: Daniel Jones’ quest to keep up with Jones would mark himself.Page 3: Jerry Jones’ “big step” sounds incredibly on-brand for the Dallas Cowboys.

NFL rumours: Active career points leader Ruby Gould is about to hit the market

It was a great ride in NorCal for Ruby Gold, but nothing gold can stay. The NFL’s active career points leader is taking his talents to South Beach, or perhaps to a franchise near you! Despite a half-dozen years with the San Francisco 49ers, Gold intends to play in 2023, but definitely for someone else now. This breakup hurts more than you can imagine.

Gould may have been part of Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch’s first free agent class in 2017, but San Francisco isn’t about to use the franchise tag on anyone that much, let alone the 40-year-old kicker. To leave a situation where a team competes in, but never wins, Super Bowls is pretty audacious, but if you want to be the best, you have to beat the best, something the 49ers don’t lack.

Gold confirmed to NBC Sports Bay Area that he intends to transfer from the 49ers in 2023.

“I’m close to retirement. I’ve got a lot left to do from a career perspective — No. 1 is win a Super Bowl. And two, I’m really close to a lot of milestones and I think it would be very cool to be able to achieve them.”

If the opposing team needs a free kick player to get over the top, Gould could be your hero.

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