NFL rumors: Jerry Jeudy trade has big interest, too-high asking price

There has been some rumblings that the Broncos could be looking at the Jerry Jeudy deal and several teams are said to be interested – but the asking price is way too high.

Although we haven’t really seen a lot of movement on this front, the NFL wide receiver trading market could be profitable this season. DeAndre Hopkins could be in Arizona, things are looking weird with Stefon Diggs, Brandin Cooks can still move him, DJ Moore was dealt a Panthers trade up to No. 1. And then we have the Denver Broncos.

Reports were boiling that she could handle any of the three biggest wide receivers — Jerry Goody, Cortlandt Sutton, KJ Hamler — that’s no if the price is right. Such is the world as Sean Payton enters and begins to remake the A-list in his image.

Judy seems to be the most requested item of the three, though. And as such, he’s already attracted a lot of attention around the league, from some big relegation spots too.

NFL rumour: Jerry Goody trade attracts interest from Cowboys, Browns, Patriots but asking price too high

According to Benjamin Albright, an NFL Broncos insider, a trade for Jerry Goody has been discussed by the Dallas Cowboys, Cleveland Browns and New England Patriots to Denver. However, the Broncos’ asking price is currently slowing down the process as they are looking for a first-round pick or a second-round pick paired with a player.

The source confirms that several teams have contacted inquiring about WR Jerry Jeudy. The price is still high.

A team is asking for a first or second player + high.

NE, Cle and Dal (who was interested in last year’s trade deadline) among others inquire.

– Benjamin Albright (@AllbrightNFL) March 16, 2023

That’s a heavy price to pay for Jody considering what he’s done on the field, although many still believe the former first-round pick still has untapped potential.

This could go one of two ways. On the other hand, if Denver has the motivation to move Jeudy, the current asking price could be reduced a bit to seal the deal. On the other hand, if they stand firm, it is presumably less likely that teams will meet that high price tag and Jody will stay at the Broncos.

There’s clearly interest in Jerry Jeudy, however, and with the asking price set, it’s said to be a situation worth watching.

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