NFL Rumors: Former Packers WR takes salt in his tea, Seahawks out on Bobby Wagner, and Bill O’Brien griddy lessons

Devin Bush #55 of the Pittsburgh Steelers in action during the game against the Detroit Lions at Acrisure Stadium on August 28, 2022 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

Today NFL rumors surround Allen Lazard being salty toward the Packers franchise, the Seahawks getting a future linebacker (not named Bobby Wagner), and Pats OC Bill O’Brien needing to teach him some sticky lessons.

We’re only a few days into NFL free agency, and there’s a lot of drama to go around. Talk of the league now is the intense staring contest between the Green Bay Packers and New York Jets as they try to negotiate a deal for Aaron Rodgers.

The Packers don’t want to give him up on the cheap, but they also certainly don’t want to absorb his contract in 2023. The Jets weren’t about to give up two of Rodgers’ first runs and want to make a fair deal. Who will blink first? Considering how long the Rodgers saga has already been dragging on, that could be a while.

As Rodgers gleefully watches two teams fight over him (“He’s not the quarterback anymore, just let him go!” “No! He’s still technically on our team and he’s worth a thousand Zack Wilson!”), players keep signing and re-signing left and right. With many superstars discovering their future this season.

Let’s take a look at three of the biggest NFL rumors circulating today.

NFL rumours: Seahawks bash Bobby Wagner reunion rumors, sign LB Devin Bush to free agency

Seattle Seahawks linebacker Devin Bosh signed a one-year contract with this free agency, which could kill the possibility of a Bobby Wagner reunion.

Bosh, previously a first-round pick by the Steelers, visited Seattle last Thursday and agreed to a short-term deal, the financial details of which have yet to be disclosed.

Bosh is filling a huge hole in the Seahawks’ defense as Seattle’s inside linebacker corps looks its weakest in recent history. Last season, Jordyn Brooks and Cody Barton served as the team’s starters, but Brooks is recovering from a torn ACL and Barton has since left for Washington in free agency.

The Seahawks are getting a top-notch young hitter in 24-year-old Bosh, who made history in his first year in the NFL as the only Steelers rookie to record more than 100 tackles in a season. However, Bosh’s production over the past two years had been hampered by injuries, and the once-promising linebacker talent was swept out of Pittsburgh’s progressive rotation.

In Seattle, Bosh is getting a breath of fresh air with a near guarantee that he’ll hold onto a starting spot…unless the Seahawks bring Bobby Wagner back.

It’s unclear if Wagner would consider reuniting with his former team after being released by the Los Angeles Rams this offseason. Just to venture a guess: If Wagner wanted it, Pete Carroll would probably welcome him back with open arms.

He’s not Russell Wilson, after all. And the Seahawks defense needs all the help it can get after ranking at the bottom of the league in points and yards allowed last season.

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