NFL Rumors: Dolphins eyeing a whale, Saints ultimatum to Winston, and demise of Kirk Cousins

James Winston #2 of the New Orleans Saints in action against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Caesars Superdome on September 18, 2022 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Today’s list of NFL rumors includes the Dolphins preparing money moves, the Saints offering Jameis Winston a pity deal, and the Vikings’ end Kirk Cousins.

The NFL is getting murkier as time goes by. Some examples: Aaron Rodgers emerged from his dark haven as a bat, ready to fly with the New York Jets. Daniel Jones is paid like a top ten quarterback in the league – which he isn’t. Lamar Jackson’s future is likely to be sabotaged by the conniving owners of the franchise.

With the rest of the dominoes still falling down the middle, today’s NFL rumors take a turn for the aquatic: First, Jaboo, NOLA’s famous crab-leg thief, must decide if he wants to stay a Saint or jump back into the ocean. Next, the dolphins are apparently hot in pursuit of a whale the size of Moby Dick based on their recent moves and remodels. Finally, the Vikings may prepare to sail their farewell to Captain Kirk.

Ray Bradbury couldn’t have written it better himself. We’ve got a sci-fi movie here, folks.

Let’s take a look at the three biggest NFL rumors of the day.

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NFL rumours: Saints put out an ultimatum to James Winston

After the landing of Derek Carr, the New Orleans Saints had the upper hand in any contract negotiations with James Winston.

The Saints have offered Winston a restructured deal to stay on, according to league sources, and Winston has until next Wednesday to accept the offer or be released.

It’s the inevitable “take your pay cut” or “cut” part of the offseason, and Winston just so happens to be the player who suffers the most from Carr’s signature. Michael Thomas hurt his feelings last week by throwing some shade at Winston on Twitter – does Winston really want to stay on a team that’s known as a bumbling letdown, can’t stay healthy?

For the Saints, one financial incentive to keep Winston is that they will avoid the $11.2 million cap that comes with his release. The exact details of the modified deal the Saints offered Winston have yet to be revealed, but one can only assume it pays for Winston as the backup quarterback, a role he would take if he stayed in 2023.

Quarterback room for Carr Winston entices Saints fans, though putting Andy Dalton at number two might make more sense given Dalton’s less-disturbing injury record.

Winston has already used up his second life on his current failed stint with the Saints. Perhaps the football gods will smile at him and give him a third chance over another team in need of a quarterback this off-season.

Dolphins getting ready for a big move? | Writing on the wall for cousins?

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