NFL rumors: DeAndre Hopkins may have preferred trade destination

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. (Isaiah J. Downing-USA Today Sports)

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The Cardinals’ trade nominee, DeAndre Hopkins, appears to want to return to Texas, but is eyeing the Cowboys instead of the Texans.

DeAndre Hopkins might be on the trade block, which every team in need of a WR in the NFL should be sitting up and taking note.

It didn’t seem like Hopkins wanted to go down with any franchise. Word on the street is that Cowboys is the number one destination on his end. It’s not clear how much Dallas is interested in the wide receiver.

NFL Network’s Jen Slater posted a lot on Twitter.

“Here’s my evening tweet covering my bases. I’ve asked… anything for DHop rumors now with more restructuring and your costume. Source ‘DHop ain’t talking from us. I think he’s telling everyone he wants to be a cowboy,” Slater tweeted.

This is my evening tweet covering my bases. You asked… anything to DHop rumors now with more restructuring and your costume. A source “DHop isn’t speaking from us. I think he’s telling everyone he wants to be a cowboy.” Any surprises now like Gilmore’s coming? “no.” (All I can do is ask 🤷🏼‍♀️)

– Gene Slater (@SlaterNFL) March 15, 2023

DeAndre Hopkins Wants Dallas, But Do the Cowboys Want It?

There is a huge gap between a player who wants to play on a team and making it happen.

Cowboy stars like Micah Parsons openly recruited Hopkins. “It’s about that time,” the linebacker tweeted, while tagging the wide receiver with a series of eyeball emojis.

However, Hopkins’ response to Parson’s tweet suggests it is out of his hands. He shrugged talking about volume when snapped at by Slater’s tweet with a source saying, “DHop doesn’t talk from us.”

Hopkins can refer to whatever he wants. Cowboys players can make it clear that they want it. This does not mean that the trade will be executed or even followed through.

The fact that Hopkins is still under contract with Arizona is a major part of the problem. He’s not a free agent who can get the right contract offer, like Odell Beckham Jr. Bringing him in required making a deal with the Cardinals by giving away assets. There are other wide receiver trade avenues that cowboys can take. Or they may not think the trade is worth it at all.

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