NFL Rumors: Chiefs Thornhill replacement, Odell Beckham Jr. clarifies demands, Titans cutting All-Pro

Kevin Byard, Tennessee Titans. (Photo by Wesley Heat/Getty Images)

Chiefs replace Juan Thornhill, Odell Beckham Jr. de-prices him, and the Titans might make a headline for big NFL rumors.

Yes, a lot of news is going around the NFL and NFL rumor mill about Lamar Jackson and Aaron Rodgers. Yes, we know it’s boring. But until something really happens with either quarterback, both of whom are former best players in their own right, every move from both will be placed under a microscope.

The good news is that there’s still a lot going on around the league, whether it’s the Chiefs snapping up their major league losses, or perhaps the Giants losing two-time Odell Beckham Jr. .

These are the highlights of the latest NFL rumors update.

NFL rumour: Giants could cut two-time All-Pro S Kevin Byard

Ever since Ran Karthun took over as general manager of the Titans after firing John Robinson, he’s been cleaning the house. Taylor Lewand and Robert Woods were two of the biggest names to take the ax this season and there were rumors swirling about a possible move from star returning Derrick Henry as well.

Now we can probably add another former All-Pro to that list: Safety Kevin Byard.

ESPN senior NFL insider Adam Schefter reported Friday that the Giants have gone to Byard about a pay cut. Safety rejected this idea, believing his performance did not justify it. Now, the two sides could be deadlocked.

The Titans have approached Kevin Byard about a pay cut, but the Pro Bowl safety doesn’t think his play requires a pay cut.

Byard wanted to play for one organization and eventually retire as the Titans, but the two sides are at a crossroads, according to sources.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) March 17, 2023

Titans quarterback Toron Davenport added to this, noting that Byard has not asked to be released from Tennessee, despite the current situation.

Even if he didn’t ask for it, there’s a real chance the Giants could cut him off or, more likely, try to trade Byard this inappropriate. Karthon and the new front office are clearly looking to significantly reshape their roster starting this season, and if they don’t believe in the paycheck Byard gets for a safety, despite his high-level play, the move could be very big. Well still made.

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