NFL rumors: Cardinals have ultra-reasonable asking price for DeAndre Hopkins trade

One of the best players in the league in DeAndre Hopkins could be transferred from the Cardinals for a dime on the dollar this offseason – who’s going to bite?

Arizona Cardinals wide DeAndre Hopkins has been hanging out on the trading block for weeks now, patiently waiting for the right team to come along and give Arizona an offer the team can’t refuse.

Such an offer wouldn’t take much at all. According to earlier reports from the NFL Combine, the Cardinals were looking for something in “second rounder” range for DHop.

Sports Illustrated’s Albert Brier confirmed this in a trade compensation wrap-up on Saturday saying that Arizona required something similar to what the Houston Texans got Hopkins in 2019: a second-rounder plus “something else of value.”

Could this “something else” be a conditional choice? Mid-level start? The Cardinals are clearly keeping an eye on a potential Hopkins deal, realizing that moving on to Hopkins now is tougher than it was then given the veteran’s age and injury history.

After Arizona coach Jonathan Gannon’s comments on Hopkins’ cloudy future, the door is wide open for Hopkins to leave in Arizona with the only question being which team will want to take a low-risk, high-reward one.

DeAndre Hopkins trade will only require a second manager and ‘something else’

The 31-year-old may not be rugged enough to serve as the team’s top pick for an entire season, but as long as he gets a manageable workload, he can cut through opposing defenses as a sharp deep threat. And the big gaming machine.

Brier adds that the idea of ​​Hopkins joining the New York Jets to play Aaron Rodgers could be “fun”; He also expects Hopkins to be a tough, spunky veteran option for a much-needed Baltimore Ravens wide receiver.

Where would Hopkins himself want to play? Hopkins has generated some controversy in recent weeks when he appeared on former cowboy Dez Bryant’s live broadcast. However, not long ago, the Cowboys dealt former wide receiver Amari Cooper to a few fifth-round players, calling into question their sense of value when it came to wide receiver trades.

Other possible landing sites include the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots. At this point in his career, Hopkins is an expensive version of the much pricier Odell Beckham Jr and could turn contenders into champions in 2023.

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