NFL rumors: Broncos snipe Bears for top offensive lineman on monster deal

Mike McGlinchey is going to the Denver Broncos, and he’s definitely not going to the Chicago Bears.

The Denver Broncos just got a lot more complicated with Mike McGlinchey joining their team.

When I think of the line game in Denver, I think of Mark Schlereth soiling himself while fighting men in a phone booth. I’m also thinking of Garrett Bowles who thought his infant son would remember being recruited because knowledge is too hard. But when you give up an arm and a leg to Matt Ryan’s less-talented cousin, can I have a “Country Broncos, let’s ride!” Who did Russell Wilson contact with before I lost him?

The Broncos would have to be higher than Rocky Mountain to give McGlinchey five years and $87.5 million.

Source: #Broncos give RT Mike McGlinchey a massive 5-year deal worth $87.5 million with over $50 million guaranteed.

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) March 13, 2023

McGlinchey’s idea was always better than the real thing, but at least the Chicago Bears were beaten by the Broncos to prevent this kind of homecoming for the Golden Domer legend, bro.

NFL rumours: Denver Broncos rip Mike McClinchey from clutches of Chicago Bears

look. The Broncos did their best to outbid the Bears for McGlinchey’s services. Maybe they made a smart move by not paying that ridiculous amount of money for a proper tackle? More importantly, what say Kyle Shanahan wouldn’t give the cousin of the greatest quarterback ever with a long-term extension? McGlinchey was too much, but still!

Honestly, I think a change of scenery could be a great thing for McGlinchey’s career. Like Schlereth, he can get even better as a pro playing a mile above sea level. He also goes from one offensive genius in the trainer to another. Having Sean Payton take over for Denver is huge for the Broncos’ chances of regaining relevance. Their split is brutal, but they shouldn’t be terrified again.

Ultimately, the Broncos pay wazoo McClinchey to be what the San Francisco 49ers thought he would be out of Notre Dame. What’s a bit baffling is that the Bears had more money to spend than anyone else, and were even outbid by Denver for McGlinchey’s services. He might end up having a better fit there, but Chicago needed to add more protection up front.

Right now, Denver is on a standstill ending the second-longest postseason drought across the league.

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