NFL Rumors: Bears top free agent target is now painfully obvious

CHICAGO, IL – JANUARY 08: Chicago Bears Coach Matt Eberflus speaks with General Manager Ryan Bowles before the game against the Minnesota Vikings at Soldier Field on January 08, 2023 in Chicago, IL. (Photo by Michael Reeves/Getty Images)

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The Chicago Bears have money to spend and holes to fill. Their top choice becomes clear thanks to the champion’s decision.

The offseason is in progress, and the Chicago Bears have holes to fill and dollars to spend. This team needs to change, fast.

With their fans telling they don’t have an opinion on their offense (Colin Coward) and many analysts constantly stating they need to trade Justin Fields (particularly Mike Tannenbaum), it’s clear that Windy City have been taking shot after shot hoping to be the reactionary hit that Chicago one day makes it worth it.

Right now, they’re focused on building their roster, and their top pick became clear thanks to the Kansas City Chiefs’ choice not to re-sign or tag left tackle Orlando Brown Jr., who has been a fixture on this team and vital. Member of the Super Bowl LVII Championship Team.

NFL rumour: Bears should target Orlando Brown Jr. now that he’s available

It’s pretty obvious why Chicago should be in Orlando Brown Jr. For example, he blocked Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes in his tenure, and he just won a Super Bowl as he allowed no sacks during the postseason. That’s all well and good. But there is also something to take into account.

A championship team is not built overnight. The Bears still have time to make a move, and the draft is full of left and right tackles that could be entered into and developed rookie contracts. Free agency is just adding the final chops to help get over the hump. The same rule applies to defense as well.

Orlando Brown Jr. will be a massive upgrade for the Bears. But there is one player who isn’t the decisive difference in getting the Bears to Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII. They will rebuild for a while. Having the Browns on the team would be a boon, but Chicago needs to be wise with the money and also keep the few players from last year’s squad who contributed at a high level and secure an extension.

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