NFL rumors: AFC contender revealed as top Ezekiel Elliott suitor

Ezekiel Elliott could move from the Dallas Cowboys to the Buffalo Bills this offseason.

With Ezekiel Elliott out of business, don’t be shocked if the former Dallas Cowboys star reappears on a rival team like the Buffalo Bills.

Although Elliott’s days as a bell-back may be long behind him, he still provides tremendous value across the league due to his versatile play on the outfield. Not only can he run between the barriers, but he’s adept at passing and will stand up to someone on pass protection. As for the Buffalo game, the Bills need to know the ground game to save Josh Allen.

Matt Lombardo of Heavy Sports reported Friday night that the Bills may be a good fit for Elliott.

Asked about Ezekiel Elliott today.

According to the current #NFL GM: “He’s lost his explosiveness. Still tough, great at pro passing. An instinctive runner but doesn’t have the same juice or legs he did in the past. No standout back.”

Team, agent sources almost unanimously: Watch the #Bills

– Matt Lombardo (@MattLombardoNFL) March 17, 2023

He noted that Buffalo is looking for a bigger running back, and one would think Elliott would check that box.

Thinking of the #Bills, from the league’s source “Buffalo is looking for a great running back, and Zeke ticks that box.”

– Matt Lombardo (@MattLombardoNFL) March 17, 2023

Until Buffalo can develop a ground game outside of Allen that they hold their own, the Bills will never win an AFC title. This is why they have to exhaust all resources to make sure they get this right.

NFL rumour: Buffalo Bills perfect fit for Ezekiel Elliott in his NFL free agency

Right now, the Bills are among the holy threes atop the AFC. Unfortunately, Buffalo is clearly in third place behind the Kansas City Chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals. While Cincinnati could slow down somewhat this year, Kansas City won’t be slowing down anytime soon. This is why the Bills have to strike while the iron is hot, outpace Cincinnati and be ready for battle against Kansas City.

look. Once the Cowboys used the franchise tag on Tony Pollard, Elliott’s days in Dallas were over. Although Dak Prescott may not have liked losing a classmate, the NFL is a business after all. He also lost former teammate and offensive coordinator Kellen Moore for a similar role with the Los Angeles Chargers. For now, it was time for Elliott to begin his next chapter in the NFL.

Ultimately, Buffalo isn’t a bad place to land if you’re a potential free agent with serious championship aspirations. The Bills have been a top eight franchise in the league for half a decade now. Although they haven’t quite broken it yet, they definitely have what it takes if they can pull it all together. However, it is necessary to arrange the match on the ground before it is too late.

Perhaps Elliott can help the Law Bills overcome the shortcomings of the ground game by going there?

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