NFL Rumors: Aaron Rodgers trade smelling sour, Derek Carr fires back, Lions get Jalen Ramsey consolation

New Orleans Saints’ Derek Carr speaks to members of the media after signing a four-year contract with the Saints at the New Orleans Saints indoor practice facility on March 11, 2023 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

NFL rumors today surround the whirlwind period of free agency in which Aaron Rodgers made the Jets wait, Derek Carr applauded his former team again, and the Detroit Lions got Jalen Ramsey promoted.

Whew. What a crazy day. In just the first few hours of the NFL’s legal frivolity of free agency, the league experienced some seismic changes.

Jimmy G for the Raiders. Javon Hargrave to the 49ers. Who will be involved in the next earth-shattering takeover? The next few days should see a lot of talent find new homes.

This is technically just the legal free agency gerrymandering period, which means players won’t officially sign deals until Wednesday at 4 p.m. ET. Once 4 a.m. hits, free agency officially begins and any player on an expired contract will be free to join whatever team they want.

It just so happens that today is the craziest day, and we have some crazy rumors for you.

Here are three of the biggest NFL rumors circulating in the league right now.

NFL rumours: Derek Carr sets the record straight about leaving Vegas

The signing of Derek Carr with the New York Saints appears to have happened a month ago, but it was really recent. The New York Jets reportedly went on to a Pro Bowl team before Carr decided he didn’t want to be the second choice and joined NOLA instead.

New York had its sights on Aaron Rodgers from day one, well, that will be discussed later.

As for Carr, he was never going to enjoy saying goodbye to his former team, the Las Vegas Raiders. Prior to Carr’s release, the Raiders were looking to trade Carr for some kind of compensation for him, and Carr himself revealed to ESPN that he was willing to accept a deal.

However, the part he did not approve of was limited to only one business suitor.

Las Vegas only allowed Carr to speak to the Saints during his final weeks on the team, and Carr was understandably indignant at his lack of options.

He said:

“As much as I love and respect these guys, Dave and Josh in The Raiders, how can I make this decision when this is the only time in my career that I’m, or can be, free? I can’t make that decision without being able to talk to people others.”

In the end, Carr forced his release from Vegas, tested the market, and ended up picking up the Saints. From his point of view, it is not a matter of “who” but “how”.

His petty feud with the Water Raiders may now be under the bridge with Las Vegas touchdown Jimmy J. Carr reuniting with former Raiders coach Dennis Allen in New Orleans.

But for the sake of truth, things must be set straight. The Raiders mishandled Carr, and perhaps if Las Vegas had been more favorable to Carr’s interests, the franchise could have secured a solid trade package in return.

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