NFL rumors: Aaron Rodgers trade only waiting on one thing

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will be traded to the New York Jets, or he will retire. It appears that these two options are on the table. So, what is deactivation?

The indecisive Aaron Rodgers is back again. With a major career decision on the horizon, Rodgers’ dark regression wasn’t enough to give him the clarity needed to make such an important call.

Is he trying out the New York Jets jersey for size, or is he retiring as a career Green Bay Packer?

Jets and Packers is said to have a commercial package that has largely succeeded. Compensation and salary of gymnasts are agreed upon. New York has spoken to Rodgers himself, including the Gates front office. Woody Johnson paid for the plane ride.

Both sides are waiting for Rodgers to decide whether or not he wants to continue playing. And if he did, then in what capacity?

From my understanding on #Jets & Aaron Rodgers: Everything that needs to be done is done primarily in terms of trade. Both sides have worked out what needs to be resolved.

So if Rodgers wanted to be a jet, he’d be a jet.

Broken record, but… just waiting for him to decide

— Connor Hughes (@Connor_J_Hughes) March 11, 2023

NFL Rumors: Trade Crash Aaron Rodgers He is… Aaron Rodgers

Packers president Mark Murphy made it clear Friday night that Aaron Rodgers’ career at Green Bay is likely behind him. Murphy went so far as to say that the best case scenario for the Packers was to trade the future Hall of Famer.

“I mean, unless it goes the way we want it to go, yeah (we’ll trade it in),” Murphy said. “Obviously he’s a great player and a four-time MVP, but I think he’s trying to find what he wants and what we want, and hopefully we can find a win-win situation.”

Murphy also admitted that he gave the Jets permission to speak with Rodgers, but that he “couldn’t get into specifics.”

Green Bay has restructured the contracts of several veteran players, hinting that the likes of David Bakhtiari could also be in on such success.

The Packers would prefer Rodgers to make up his mind before free agency begins next week.

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