NFL rumors: Aaron Rodgers put teammate’s free agency at risk by waiting on trade

Packet wide receiver Allen Lazard, who is set to enter free agency, is awaiting Aaron Rodgers’ decision just like the rest of us.

A daily reminder that fans aren’t the only ones on the edge of their seats eagerly awaiting Aaron Rodgers to make up his mind – his Green Bay Packers teammates are also looking forward to seeing what he does next.

Wide out Allen Lazard is set to become a free agent on Wednesday, and Lazard plans to deal with Rodgers’ chosen destination in his own decision on whether to stay in Green Bay or start over elsewhere.

According to the NFL’s Mike Garafolo, Lazard plans to make the “best decision for himself” but cannot ignore the real possibility of Rodgers pranking the New York Jets and returning to the Packers for the 2023 season.

Lazard is coming off a career-best fifth season at Green Bay that saw him record 60 catches for 788 yards, an average of 52.5 yards per game. His choice to wait at Rodgers makes sense but… how long will he have to wait?

This is the question that the entire nation wants an answer to.

Aaron Rodgers’ decision is expected to affect Packers free agent Allen Lazard

Based on the latest rumors, it appears that both the Jets and Packers are just waiting for Rodgers to pick one franchise or the other. But again, we’re not sure what to believe.

A commercial framework was reportedly already in place. or not. The Packers boss seemed to indicate that Rodgers’ career in Green Bay was over. or not. Rodgers liked the tweet. Ample amounts of more speculation.

Until Rodgers himself or good mate Pat McAfee provides some clarification, the rumors will continue to ripple, and fans and players alike will have no choice but to stay in the waiting room to see where the legendary Packers quarterback ends up.

If Lazard wants to wait for Rodgers to make his free agent decision, he may have to wait *watching* for a long time.

Rodgers has his devotees who cling to his every word – we wouldn’t go so far as to bet on which team he’ll land, but we’ll bet good money that he loves the attention right now.

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