NFL Rumors: Aaron Rodgers on Pat McAfee, Vikings fan favorite, Lions mistake

January 1, 2023; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Detroit Lions running back Jamal Williams (30) celebrates a touchdown against the Chicago Bears during the third quarter at Ford Field. NFL Rumors Aaron Rodgers Mandatory credit: David Reginek-USA TODAY Sports

NFL rumour: The Detroit Lions have opted to sign former Chicago Bears David Montgomery, allowing Jamal Williams to walk away in the process.

Jamaal Williams remains a free agent, but a return to Detroit seems unlikely unless they drop his price drastically. The current Lions squad includes David Montgomery and DeAndre Swift. Adding Williams to the mix would make for an elite trio, but it would also come at a hefty price tag.

Williams set a franchise record with 17 rushing touchdowns last season, breaking Barry Sanders’ record. He had over 1,000 yards on the ground. But Williams will be sorely missed for embodying the spirit of football in Detroit, and helping to re-establish the Lions as a team on the rise.

After Detroit knocked the Packers out of their playoff chasing in Week 18, Williams took the mix and told the world that these are no longer the same game as the Detroit Lions. Now, he’ll wear a suit and bring the same spirit elsewhere. Will the Lions be able to replace this fearless leader in the locker room?

It is possible to replace Williams’ production on the field, and Montgomery is talented, hungry, and younger. His replacement in the locker room, and his impact on team culture, should come with a subcommittee approach. The Lions are banking on something this organization hasn’t had for some time – a team-wide commitment to winning.

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