NFL rumors: Aaron Rodgers connection could help Jets add TD machine in free agency

The New York Jets are trying to acquire quarterback Aaron Rodgers, but they’re also interested in signing one of his former Green Bay Packers teammates.

The New York Jets are aiming to improve their quarterback position and are reportedly eyeing a deal with the Green Bay Packers’ quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

Last week, the Jets flew to California to meet the four-time NFL MVP after getting permission from the Packers, and they’re reportedly confident they’ll be able to trade for him. All they need is for Rodgers to give his consent, and there’s no set timeline for that.

While the Jets are waiting for Rodgers, they are said to be interested in one of his former Packers teammates.

According to Go Long TD’s Tyler Dunne, the Jets are interested in bringing back Jamal Williams, who is a free agent. New York is joined by the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals in terms of interest. Dunn also notes that Williams has a mutual interest in returning to the Detroit Lions over the past two seasons.

Nugget free agency to pass. There is a shared interest in Jamaal Williams returning to Detroit, but a source told me today that Buffalo, Cincinnati and the New York Jets are very interested in returning to Detroit.

Williams led the NFL with 17 rushing tackles last year.

— Tyler Dunne (@TyDunne) March 11, 2023

Gates is said to be interested in Aaron Rodgers’ former Packers teammate Jamal Williams

Before leading the entire NFL in rushing touchdowns last season, Williams was a member of the Packers from 2017-20. During his time, he made a breakaway with starting running back Aaron Jones. During his four seasons with the Packers, he had 1,985 yards and 10 touchdowns on 500 carries while catching 122 passes for 961 yards and eight touchdowns on 155 targets.

After the 2020 season, Williams signed a two-year, $6 million contract. After rushing for 601 yards and three touchdowns in 13 games during the 2021 season, Williams set the stat list ablaze over the past season.

In all 17 games played, Williams recorded 1,066 rushing yards and a league-high 17 rushing yards on 262 carries. That’s right, Williams averaged two rushing touchdowns per game during the 2022 season.

Jets Williams’ Jets added depth to the running back chart that really puts them at the top. After all, Breece Hall played as a legitimate Offensive Rookie of the Year candidate before tearing his ACL in Week 7. Not to mention they have Michael Carter and Zonovan Knight under contract, too.

On March 13, the free agency negotiation window officially opened in the NFL. While the Jets await Rodgers’ answer, it will certainly be something if they are able to sign Williams.

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