NFL rumors: 5 teams that should hope Jalen Carter’s stock keeps falling

Jalen Carter, Georgia Bulldogs. (Photo by Jay Biggerstaff/Getty Images)

Jalen Carter will likely fall in the 2023 NFL Draft, but not as often as anyone would think.

Just crafting the Georgia defense by tackling Jalen Carter and finding out the rest later…

The best player on the best team in the country has had a tough run throughout the NFL draft process. ESPN’s Todd McShea mentioned that Carter has some character flaws. He had issues with reckless driving, one incident resulting in the tragic deaths of two of his friends. Carter gained nine pounds and looked out of shape on his pro day due to the amount of stress he’s been experiencing lately.

Regardless, these five teams are hoping Carter’s draft will sway enough to fall into their hands.

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Page 1: The Detroit Lions have the Los Angeles Rams’ sixth overall pick and could take a chance. It would be foolish not to take a star from Georgia at No. 8. 10 to reload.

NFL rumours: 5 teams that would like to see Jalen Carter drop in the NFL Draft


Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions have the Los Angeles Rams’ sixth overall pick and could take a chance

With this draft being heavy at the top of it all, the Detroit Lions are in a pretty great place to take the best player available. They could go quarterback with the Los Angeles Rams’ upcoming Matthew Stafford trade, but Detroit already has something good with Jared Goff’s boom on Ben Johnson’s offense. In short, Detroit could take a big step here.

The player I always compared Carter to was Ndamukong Suh. Before bouncing around the league as the ultimate freelancer in the trenches, the former Nebraska star was the second pick by the Lions. I trust the Dan Campbell/Brad Holmes partnership to deliver the Lions another gem of a draft pick. Since this isn’t their first-round pick, Detroit can totally take the risk.

With Aaron Rodgers leaving the Green Bay Packers, the NFC North is up for grabs. One would think the Lions could win their first division title since they play in the NFC Central. Just imagine the Lions playing Carter and Aidan Hutchinson with each other. If the Lions pull away well and continue their upward trajectory, they are considered a low-level dark horse to make the NFC Championship.

Detroit needs the Arizona Cardinals at No. 3 and the Seattle Seahawks at No. 5 to pass him.

Atlanta Falcons | Chicago Bears | Philadelphia Eagles

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