NFL rumors: 4 Derrick Henry trade partners the Titans could deal with

Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans. (Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images)

Derrick Henry is on the trade block according to NFL rumors out of the Combine, but what touchdowns would it make sense for the Giants to trade?

There are already some big-name trade candidates circulating with NFL rumors coming out of the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. DeAndre Hopkins is on the scene, as is Jalen Ramsey, and we all know about the potential of Aaron Rodgers and Lamar Jackson. But now we can also add Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry to the mix.

NFL insider Michael Silver mentioned that Henry was discussed in trade talks at the Combine along with Hopkins and Ramsey, apparently giving more credence to the idea that Henry could be on the block. On top of that, the Titans seem to be in the midst of tearing up the roster with guys like Taylor Lewan, Bud Dupree, and Robert Woods.

Henry, however, is a terrific trade chip. He’s in the final year of a four-year, $50 million contract signed prior to the 2020 season, and despite the age of 28, he’s been hugely productive with at least 1,500 yards and 13 touchdowns in each of his three through four seasons. Last. He’s played at least 15 games, including the Monsters’ 2,027-yard, 17-game drive in 2020.

With the Titans possibly eager to get rid of him and with him as a free agent in 2024, though, Price might be a middle pick trade to seal the deal. What teams should you try to make this trade immediately? Here’s a look at four potential partners who would be great landing spots for Derrick Henry.

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NFL rumours: 4 commercial landing spots for Drick Henry the Titans could work for

4. Trading the Buffalo Bills for Derrick Henry would be a solid move

It’s been several years at this point where we’ve been looking to try and find a stable going back to give the billing. Devin Singletary, who is slated to hit free agency in the offseason, has looked the part at times but hasn’t fully fleshed out the role. Zac Moss wasn’t the guy, which is why he was traded. And while James Cook has emerged as a starter, there are still some questions about his abilities all around.

Now consider the possibility of Derrick Henry and Josh Allen being in the same backfield. What combination of linebackers and defensive backs would want to see that much beef come out to them from the RPO package? This appears to be the absolute worst-case scenario for countering an opponent’s defense.

The Bills aren’t in a particularly advantageous place with salary cap this season, but at the same time, they should still be able to move some stuff to make a move like this work.

In losing to Cincinnati in the AFC Playoffs, it was abundantly clear that the Bills needed to find another dimension to their offense if they were going to take the next step, namely to reach and win the Super Bowl, with Allen leading. . The pairing of Henry and Cook as the kind of thunder and lightning for the duo would be something special that could be exactly what the team needs.

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