NFL mock draft 2023: Packers 7-round post-Combine projection with an Aaron Rodgers trade

Jackson Smith-Njegba, Ohio State Buckeyes (Photo by Harry Ho/Getty Images)

Aaron Rodgers is traded and the Packers start over with the era of Jordan Love in this mock draft after the 2023 NFL Combine 7 rounds.

It is only a matter of time before Aaron Rodgers is traded by the Green Bay Packers. The New York Jets are all in the middle and making this deal happen, and as long as Rodgers doesn’t retire – which, admittedly, isn’t even out of the question yet – he’s going to the Big Apple.

This, however, raises questions for the packers. Sure, they know Jordan Love will be their next quarterback, but what about the rest of the roster? This is the team that missed the playoffs with Rodgers at the helm last season, and now they need to replenish it with a cheaper quarterback and a new contract for life (i.e. not holding Rodgers hostage moving forward). So why not fire up the 2023 NFL Draft for Green Bay to get everything working.

But first, the Aaron Rodgers trade.

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2023 Round Two (#43)

Conditional selection for the 2024 second round

Get on the planes

QB Aaron Rodgers

The 2024 second-rounder could become a first-rounder depending on Rodgers reaching certain thresholds set forth in the trade. Considering the money both teams would have to work with here, the return package wouldn’t be that big.

But then again, this trade will usher in an era of love for Jordan, and as such, the Packers will have to build around their young freshman quarterback. That’s the goal to fill out the roster in this mock draft after the 2023 NFL Combine 7 rounds for Green Bay.

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Mock 2023 NFL Draft: 7-round drop of two players featuring Aaron Rodgers trade


Jackson Smith Njegba

WR Ohio State Green Bay Packers

Packers troll Aaron Rodgers by finally drafting WR in Jaxon Smith-Njigba

This was something Packers fans had long decried while Rodgers was the starting quarterback, but Green Bay simply avoided taking wide receivers in the first round. Even after the team traded Davante Adams last season, they waited until day two to take Christian Watson on. Granted, Watson came out strong at the end of the year and flashed Romeo Dobbs, today’s third pick. But this reception room still needed to be filled.

Jaxon Smith-Njigba will be the kind of player you’d put in the lab to fit seamlessly into the Packers’ spacious receiving room. He doesn’t have the deep speed of someone like Watson and Doubs, but his speed and road running are second to none for the 2023 draft class.

The two concerns about JSN are the fact that he missed the majority — basically — of the 2022 season at Ohio State with a hamstring injury, which could raise some durability issues to watch. And again, top speed isn’t on tape and seems to be aided by the fact that Smith-Njigba didn’t run a 40 at the Combine.

Even then, when you think about the kind of kicker who can open up all levels of the field and create the space the Green Bay offense needs to put Jordan Love in the best position to succeed, that’s exactly the kind of player we’d go for. we talk about.

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