NFL insider absolutely skewers Carson Wentz at worst possible time

NFL insider Peter King blurts out the cost of Carson Wentz in a very blunt way.

The Carson Wentz idea was always better than the real one, to be completely honest with you guys.

With Wentz fired by the Washington leaders, his franchise’s third in as many seasons, the Cat is definitely out of the bag when it comes to this former second overall pick by North Dakota State’s Philadelphia Eagles. He is hotheaded by nature, seems ready to die on the field in every game and is not the leader of the Alpha Men. Wentz has talent, but not much.

Never before have we seen an iconic insider catch him quite like Peter King did in his latest Football Morning in America column on NBC Sports.

“Although Wentz was on his way to a great season before he injured his knee in 2017, he couldn’t really replicate it and actually slumped. No player in NFL history had cost so much and delivered so little, I’d argue. “.

Although King kicked Wentz while he was down, he is absolutely correct in saying that “no player in NFL history has cost so much and given so little.”

It comes down to the Eagles trading to get him, the Indianapolis Colts giving up precious capital for a disastrous 2021 campaign, and Washington doing the same.

Someone would sign Wentz to free agency, but his days as a quarterback for the franchise were toast.

Peter King takes down Carson Wentz in a very rude manner

look. This is hard, man. Wentz has all the attributes any GM would want to offer. He may have played for FCS North Dakota State, but the Bison are an absolute hustle at their level. Wentz played for a great coach in Chris Clement. Want proof of that? Just look at the dynamite job Klieman has had since taking over for college football legend Bill Snyder at K-State.

What may have happened to Wentz is that he could never get over his ACL tear in 2017, coinciding with Nick Foles running a lifelong heater. What’s more, Foles may not have been as talented, but he could motivate the Birds to come out and win anyway. Once Jalen Hurts was drafted, Wentz died in the water. Hurts was a universal darling in college, while Wentz…wasn’t.

Although he appears to have been on good terms with Taylor Heinecke in the captain’s quarterback room, we can’t count on him stepping up in the big moments. The big thing to watch in free agency is whether he meets Frank Reich for the third time in Charlotte. I mean, he can, but he can’t! It will show us that the Reich smells of miserable ponies from him and refuses to learn.

Wentz is talented enough to still play in the NFL, but teams don’t want a backup lightning rod.

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