NFL Draft: 5 players Cowboys should draft in first round

Mike McCarthy needs to hit a tee in the first round. (Photo by Justin Kasterlin/Getty Images)

The Cowboys cannot afford to draft a draft player in the first round. They need to get an impact starter that can help them win right away.

Mike McCarthy is under a lot of pressure to win the Cowboys next season. That’s why Dallas is expected to target prospects who can play immediately in the first round of next month’s draft. The good news for the fans in Dallas is that several interesting options should be on the board when the team goes up the clock with the 26th overall pick.

The Cowboys have several obvious roster needs to fill this season. There is a lot of uncertainty with the team’s defense team due to free agency. A top-notch angle to play against Trayvon Diggs, Nabbing could have strong appeal with the team’s defensive coaching staff.

Securing a gun to assist outsider Dak Prescott may also be a priority for the Cowboys in this year’s draft. That’s why this TCU local prospect could play for Dallas if he falters in the first round.

The Cowboys need to focus on these five NFL Draft prospects:

5. Quentin Johnston

Johnston is the perfect size to function as a starting outsider at the next level. Combine his 6-foot-3 frame with the 40-inch upright he posted on the set, and it’s easy to see why he’s considered by a few NFL teams as the best receiver in this year’s draft class.

It’s unlikely that Johnston will ever go down to 26, which is why he’s the fifth player on this list. The Cowboys want to recruit him to take things easy on Prescott and Lady Lamb. They are unlikely to have this opportunity unless they are willing to move to seize it.

It’s still a noteworthy possibility that could drop a bit if he doesn’t do well on pro day. The Cowboys would like to see the Texans product tip them towards the bottom of the first round.

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