NFC South power rankings after Derek Carr signs with Saints

Todd Bowles, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Derek Carr, Saints. (Photo by Mike Ehrman/Getty Images)

Derek Carr to the New Orleans Saints could completely change the NFC South paradigm.

Derek Carr signs with the New Orleans Saints, and the NFC South will never be the same.

There is no way around it. This dichotomy is beyond terrifying. Last year saw 45-year-old Tom Brady carry a deadlift for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the finish line with an under-8-9 record. This was good enough for first place, but bad enough for them to lose at home to the glorified noise machine known as the Dallas Cowboys at home in the Wild Card Round. No wonder Brady retired…

With Carr entering a division I care deeply about, let’s see how the Saints stack up against the likes of the Buccaneers, Carolina Panthers, and the ever-joyful Atlanta Falcons.

NFC South power ratings with Derek Carr joining the New Orleans Saints


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NFC south Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a sinking ship in the wake of Tom Brady’s retirement

Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans should be thanking their lucky superstars who were picked by Tom Brady during the height of COVID. You can never take the Super Bowl 55 championship away from them. A franchise that tends to be chaotic in a media market that cares more about cocktails than anything else raises the Lombardi trophy. It wasn’t easy, but absolutely nothing… no.

But even if Brady longs to go to the looser, more fun culture of Tampa, the Buccaneers are getting worse and worse each season. They have talent, but a lack of focus and attention to detail will always be the Buccaneers football team’s calling cards. Forcing Bruce Arians upstairs raised Todd Bowles beyond his level of competence and turned Bryon Leftwich into a scapegoat.

If the Buccaneers are going to sign someone like Jimmy Garoppolo or trade someone like Aaron Rodgers, there’s a reason to buy with them. Right now, it’s The Kyle Trask Show, and no one outside of Gainesville wants to see that. Are we ready to live in a world where Blaine Gabbert starts matches again? Until the hackers have an answer in the middle, we can cross it out.

You’d be lying to yourself if you didn’t think hackers could go from first to worst.

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