New 2022 World Cup final matchball unveiled

FIFA have confirmed that the last four 2022 World Cup matches will be played with a different ball after Adidas unveiled the new Al Hilm (the dream in Arabic) matchball. The new gold tinged ball will be use in the final games of the Qatar tournament, both semifinals, third/fourth place game and the final game at the 88,000 Lusail Iconic Stadium on 18 December.

The new balls replaces the Al Rihla with the Al Hilm featuring the latest technology. “Data captured by IMU sensors within the ball and applying artificial intelligence, the new technology supports the semi-automated offside system, especially by providing the exact moment the ball is played in tight offside situations.” FIFA said.

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The official World Cup match ball AL RIHLA Future PublishingGetty

The design of the new Al Hilm ball is set on a textured gold base colour which features a subtle triangular pattern, drawing inspiration from the sparkling deserts of the region that surround the city of Doha, the colour of the World Cup trophy, and the pattern of the Qatari national flag.

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