Lamar Jackson rumors: Falcons noise increases following franchise tag news

Lamar Jackson #8 of the Baltimore Ravens. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

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The Lamar Jackson saga rages on as rumors of the crows and hawks trading soaring….

Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens and Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers are two quarterback dominoes that could fall quickly as trade talks heat up this season. While Rodgers is being handled by the New York Jets, Jackson remains somewhat of a prisoner in Baltimore, unable to secure the long-term extension he wanted.

Earlier this season, it was reported that Jackson and the Ravens were close to $100 million in contract negotiations with Jackson likely aiming for a guaranteed deal just like what the Cleveland Browns offered Deshaun Watson.

On Tuesday, the Ravens officially placed a non-exclusive franchise tag on Jackson, allowing other teams to negotiate a deal with the star quarterback. If Jackson accepts the deal, Baltimore will get two first-round hits in return.

A new report from Hevis’ Matt Lombardo only reinforces the possibility of a trade: The Ravens have reportedly been in serious talks about a Lamar Jackson deal with the Atlanta Falcons, and talks about a potential trade have developed “tremendously in Indianapolis.”

A potential trade between Lamar Jackson and the Atlanta Falcons is gaining more traction after the Ravens’ recent report

The use of the non-exclusive tag heralded the end of the Lamar Jackson era in Baltimore—the Ravens would use the exclusive tag if they really wanted to keep Jackson on the team. Going the non-exclusive route can be seen as the most desirable way to rebuild, and any willing applicant may be encouraged by the fact that the front office in Baltimore likes to stockpile draft picks.

The Falcons arguably rank as the top destination for Jackson if he leaves Baltimore given Atlanta’s offensive plan that focuses on running and small arms in Kyle Bates, Drake London and others. Just a day after the New Orleans Saints got their start in Derek Carr, the Falcons getting Jackson would make them a legitimate contender in the NFC South as Carr and Jackson compete for it twice a year.

Will he remain loyal to Baltimore or accept a franchise change deal in Atlanta? Lamar Jackson’s future couldn’t be more uncertain in this turbulent week.

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