Key Raiders connection led Derek Carr to New Orleans Saints

An obvious Las Vegas Raiders connection is bringing Derek Carr to the New Orleans Saints.

It looks like the New Orleans Saints are about to win the Derek Carr lottery, thanks to the strong relationship between the former Las Vegas Raiders quarterback and his former Oakland coach.

Dennis Allen may have had a choppy first year at the helm of the Saints, but he was Carr’s first professional coach with the Silver and Black. He may have gone to hell at a handbasket fairly quickly for Allen after Carr was drafted, but the solid connection remains. Carr would have been traded to the Saints, but by signing with them in free agency, the Saints keep their assets.

Karr still needs to put pen to paper, but his Saints fit has always been high on the list.

Dennis Allen was the Oakland head coach when the Raiders recruited Derek Carr in 2014, and the two will now meet in New Orleans as the Saints’ HC-QB.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) March 6, 2023

He would go from the AFC West where he was at best the third best quarterback to the NFC South where he was the undisputed best position player at this very moment. Good for him!

Derek Carr was drawn to the New Orleans Saints because of head coach Dennis Allen

Allen may be more of a defensive-minded coach, but he seems to have an eye for talent on the offensive side of the ball. If Carr’s last name had been pretty much anything else, he would have been a first-round pick from Fresno State. Being the much younger brother of former Houston Texans, David Carr was something he had to overcome during his tenure as the Raiders’ head.

If Carr signs with the Saints, they go from a . 500 average team to a club back to center stage in the terrible NFC South Division. While the Tampa Bay Buccaneers appear to be a sinking ship in the wake of Tom Brady’s second retirement, the Carolina Panthers are headed under new head coach Frank Reich, as well as arch-rival Atlanta Falcons finally having space to capitalize on.

Ultimately, you can’t deny how relevant this is to Karr and the Saints. It would probably work out tremendously for both parties. Then again, we’ve seen what a disaster Russell Wilson’s trade was out of the gate to the Denver Broncos last year. At the very least, Mr. Unlimited has former Saints coach Sean Payton pushing him into beneficial situations to succeed now in his mid-30s.

Believe it or not, Carr’s association with the Saints is a complete game changer within the division and in the NFC.

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